5 Dance Tips To Take You To The Next Level



Taking the next step of becoming a better dancer can be scary and overwhelming. We have compiled some must know tips to give you a helping hand along the way.

1.Take any opportunity

A lot of dancers who start off don’t take a lot of classes because they don’t want to spend the money or the dance classes are to far away, etc. But you have to understand the only way to get better is if you strive to attend these dance opportunities because they will help you develop different skills that Youtube and your friends can’t teach you. Also attending dance classes will make you work even harder because of the money you had to spend in order to attend the dance class.

2.Take dance classes, workshops and intensives regularly

The only way to get better is to dance regularly and this doesn’t mean to only dance by yourself. You always need to learn new things in order to improve your skills and one of the best ways to do this is by taking dance classes and workshops from people who are better than yourself.

3.Learn a new dance style

If you want to become a better dancer you must learn new dance styles in order to expand your fundamentals and knowledge. All professional dancer regularly attempt and practice different dance styles because this allows them to be indispensable as a dancer as they are constantly learning new things. For example: Twitch from Step Up 3.


It is key to try to expand your creativity by applying it to your own original dance pieces. At the start your choreography might not be anywhere near the quality of Ian Eastwood‘s but you have to understand he has been dancing for many years. So if you start choreographing you will become a better dancer because your musicality will improve, your execution will improve and your imagination will expand.

5.Workout daily

In order to become a better dancer you must be in the best shape of your life. Dance is a cardio intensive activity so you must be capable of doing long duration cardio as well as interval training. You must do cardio and strength training regularly to get your self in proper shape. It is also advised that you regularly do yoga stretches as this will help you become more flexible which can help prevent injury and decrease workout recovery time, in the long run.