5 Steps That Will Help You Become A Professional Dancer



Taking the next step of becoming a professional dancer can be a terrifying journey if you are alone. But don’t worry you aren’t, there are many people out there working hard to reach the next level. We have compiled a list of 5 key steps that you must follow in order to become a professional.

1. Do it for the love of dance not money

A lot dancers experience this common phenomena when they start improving. This phenomena is when a dancer realizes they are improving which leads them to believe they should be getting paid wages that Chachi and the Poreotics are getting paid. This is ridiculous because these professional dancers have been dancing for decades and it took them hard work, dedication and many non-paid opportunities to get them where they are today. If you want to become a better dancer you have to remember the reason why you dance because this is the only thing that will make you a better dancer in the long run.

2. Network

Whenever you go to dance events make sure you take the initiative to meet new people because down the road these people might be amazing connections. You don’t have to go around with business cards but taking the initiative to introduce yourself and your dance experience, can along way. Make sure you invest in yourself to make networking easier and more effective by getting business cards made, a website made to showcase your talent and a personal Youtube page.

3. Apply for any available dance position

A lot of dancers want to get paid what professional dancers get paid but this is unreasonable because they aren’t professional dancers. You need to understand that you have to start somewhere and a volunteer dance position could eventually lead to bigger, better and paid opportunities. There are many amazing dance opportunities posted daily on www.TheDanceLink.com.

4. Learn from the best

In order to become the best you must learn from the best. Don’t go to beginner or amateur dancers to feel good about yourself because you are the best dancer there. Go to the professional dance classes where you aren’t the best so you can gain more knowledge and improve.

5. Teach

In addition to creating your own choreography you must be able to perform and teach it to others. As a professional dancer it is important to be able to execute your own dance choreography in performances as well as teaching it to others. You must be able to articulate your thoughts of a performance you have created and be able to break it down so others can learn and execute it the same way you have.