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Terms and Conditions

1. Blog posts are approximately 500-900 words in length.
2. They must be your own work, 100% original and not plagiarized.
3. Each post must be relevant to dancers and can be tips, guides, etc. These posts much be valuable to the reader and must not be used to promote another brand, product or company. The post must not have any untrue claims without proper references.
4. Posts must include a 2-3 sentence bio which includes a hyperlink to your blog, website, etc. This bio must not be included in the actual post.
5. Accepted authors must acknowledge that any material that is published on the blog becomes the sole property of Urban-Expression Dance Company and may not be recreated or
republished by the author without the strict permission of Urban-Expression Dance company.

6.All authors must proofread and edit their own posts. The author must include all sources they uses in a bibliography at the end of the post.

7. An authors post must be suitable for all ages and must not include any vulger languages or topics.

8. If a post doesn’t meet our guidelines it will be pulled and reviewed.