How To Become a Better Dancer


 how to become a better dancer

1. Practice-

When you practice to music break down the lyrics and beats and this will allow you to visualize the music. When you are dancing make sure you feel the music this will allow you to add your own style and emotions into your dance. If you are trying to “clean” a choreography or routine use a mirror or video camera to record yourself. This will allow you to see how you really look when you are dancing and it will help you improve your overall performance of the routine by breaking down sloppy sections.

2. Take Dance Classes and Train regularly-

When you take dance classes regularly you will find it easier to pick up choreography and you will familiarize yourself with teaching styles, hip hop swagger and common grooves and moves. Your muscle memory will also improve greatly as you are constantly performing the necessary movements and processes over and over.


3.Join a dance club or dance crew that has positive members-

When you surround yourself with positive individuals you will enjoy dancing more and you will find it easier to approach other dancers with questions. Try to surround yourself with dancers that are better then yourself, doing this will allow you to improve quicker and easier.


4.Stretch before and after you dance-

When you stretch before you dance you are preparing your body for physical activity.  After you dance you may be tired and think there is no benefit to stretch because your body has already completed the workout. But this is wrong you should always stretch and cool down after a workout because this helps the body to get rid of the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles. If you stretch after you workout you are less likely to have sore muscles the following day and tense muscles next time you dance or workout.


5. Eat Healthy-

Healthy eating is crucial for a great fitness level. Food is the fuel for your bodies operating system and if you fill your body with junk food you will not perform at your true potential. Cardio is crucial in dance and if you eat healthy your cardio will improve due to the fuel that your body will be running off of.


6. Exercise outside of dance to be fit and stronger and more flexible-

In order to become a better dancer you must exercise and workout outside of dance. Even if you exercise only 3 times a week your fitness level will improve and this will allow you to experience less fatigue, have more energy, be stronger and dance for longer periods of time. For example break dancers need core strength and upper body strength. So if a break dancer were to workout on top of dancing they will improve exponentially because there are things that dance cannot give you that for example : running on a treadmill can or doing sit ups can.


7. Try other dance styles and get out of your comfort zone-

The problem with many dancers is that they only focus on one style of dance but want to be a fantastic dancer. If you step out of your comfort zone and learn the basics of other styles you will become a better dancer. This is because once you learn the basics of other styles you will begin incorporating those styles and moves into your own style. In turn this will help you perform your own style better because you will be able to commit movements in different ways then you could before.


8. Watch Others-

Watch dancers that are better then you because the old saying is pretty accurate “Monkey see, Monkey do”. Also watch the choreographer perform the piece and you will see the parts where they perform dynamics or hit hard. This will allow you to get a sense of how the choreography is suppose to be performed.


9.Be Confident-

There is a difference between confidence and being cocky. Confidence is having belief in yourself and in your abilities. Where as being cocky you are arrogant and feel you are better then others. As a dancer you must be confident in your abilities because if you are not confident your moves will show it. This is why dancers who are great at battling stand out and win battles. These individuals are not only great dancers but they are confident of their skills and will surely show it on the dance floor.


10. Facial expressions-

Every performance begins and ends with the performers facial expressions. When an audience watches a performer dance, the facial expressions the performer makes is part of the routine and helps the audience interpret the choreography  or routine better and easier.


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