How To Pick Up Dance Choreography Easier


how to pick up choreography easier

1. Focus On Your Own Moves:

Look at yourself in the mirror not the choreographer.

2. Get Fit:

If you get in your body in shape by eating healthy, exercising regularly and dancing regularly, your body will be able to endure longer periods of intense exercise, experience less fatigue and have a shorter recovery period.

3. Give 100% Effort:

Go full out as much as possible in order to force muscle memory.

4. Listen To The Music:

If the choreographer choreographed to the lyrics of a song then listen to the lyrics and connect each move with the coinciding lyric. The same process should be used if a choreographer choreographed to the beats of a song.

5. Take Dance Classes Regularly:

Don’t just go to a dance intensive right of the bat, gradually force yourself to take dance classes weekly and then gradually move to all-day dance intensives.

6. Try Different Dance Styles:

Most dance styles have common moves and grooves so familiarize yourself to expand your physical dance expertise.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice:

Practice the full dance choreography as much as you can throughout the whole dance class because it will be easier to remember when you go home as you have forced your body to remember the choreography.

8. Don’t Over Think The Choreography:

Relax, listen to the music and focus on the actual movements and not how fast the movements are supposed to be done to the song.

9. If You Mess Up Keep Dancing:

The worst thing to do while trying to learn choreography is to be a perfectionist and stop if you make a mistake. This doesn’t allow you to practice the whole choreography and will stress you out even more. If you happen to make a mistake ask the choreographer for a refresher after performing it with music so you are able to perfect the part you messed up.

10. Have Fun With The Choreography:

Even if you aren’t executing the dance moves at your full potential keep running through the choreography to build your muscle memory while slowly trying to execute the moves bigger. The thing about dance is that if you are having fun, giving killer facial expressions and performing with passion you will look better and be able to pick up on the choreography easier.